Spring Days (Bom-Nal) – SBS 2005

Spring Day 2005 – SBS Drama

This is first drama after Ko Hyun Jung return to entertainment world. This is great drama I think!

Okay then I’ll give u review about this drama and link for watching and link for soundtrack.

Spring Days/ Bom Nal / 봄날

Episodes                              : 20

BroadCast network         : SBS

Cast :

Ko Hyun Jung     as            Suh Jeung Eun

Jin Ji He                as            Koh Eun Ho

Jo In Sung            as            Koh Eun Sub

Lee Seo Yon       as            Kim Kyung Ah

Han Go Eun        as            Kim Min Jung

Synopsis :

Suh jeung Eung a girl who living in an island with her grandfather. Jeung Eung never spoke a word after she search her mother and her mother didn’t recognize her. Ko Eun Sub a doctor who come to the island and meet Jeung Eun. He come to search some information about his mother. In short, they are falling in love each other. Eun Ho went looking for his mother and promised to returned to the island for see Jeung Eun, but he had an accident and didn’t return to the island. Then Jeung Eun came looking to Seol. In Seol , Jeung Eun meet Koh Eun Sob , Eun Ho brother who is also a doctor. This Where the love triangle began between Suh Jeung Eun and Koh brother.

Koh Eun Sub and Suh Jeung Eun

Innocent Jeung Eun

Eun Sub Kiss Jeung Eun 😀

Koh Eun Ho and Suh Jeung Eun

Nicee !! ^^b


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