Precious thing we have – fans made collection.

For our girl, Ko Hyun Jung. we love you so much. you always in our mind, our heart and our life. although we can’t reach u and can’t touch u,we want u to know, we always be here for u…  saw u from glass screen and pray for u.

You may be Out of my sight,

But not my heart

You may be out of my reach,

But not out of my mind

I may mean nothing to you,

but you’ll always special to me.

~Rita Cailas / Park Hye Rin~

*that is great yeaaah ^.^. hope Ko Hyun Jung read it someday ^.^ ♥


Your Presence in my life

Bring Wonderful smiles

and loving thought within my heart

if it’s the thought that counts

You can always count on me

I think About u all the time

~Rita Cailas / Park Hye Rin~


Perfect right!!! i think they is perfect couple kya~~~

Go Jo In Sung!! seduce our omma ^^♥ ♥ ♥


We Miss u Seju!!

do u know how much time we talk about u

How Much we think about u, and how much we re-watch ur drama.^.^

it countless we think.

the only reason what everything we do is


pic by ~Rita Cailas/ Park Hye Rin~


What Do You think?? She is perfect right!!!!!!! hehehhe

~Guing Gohyunjungforever~

Who is the most beautiful one????

our Ko Hyun Jung!!! hahaha 😀

~Guing Gohyunjungforever~

Waaaa.. Go Hyen jin?? hahha

no she is our KO HYUN JUNG ♥ ♥

~Guing Gohyunjungforever~

Always Look perfect in every style ^_^

~Guing Gohyunjungforever~

———————————————————————— ♥ ♥——————————————————————

We Still have a lot of fans made. i’ll post it soon ^_^

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