Ko Hyun Jung become Song Joong Ki skin rival

Actor Song Joong Ki has named the original skin beauty, Go Hyun Jung, as his ’skin rival’.

On QTV’s “I’m Real Song Joong Ki“, the actor was asked the question, “Who do you consider as your skin rival?“. Song Joong Ki replied, “I can’t dare say she’s my rival, but Go Hyun Jung’s skin is really beautiful“. In response, the staff commented, “So the skin goddess is Go Hyun Jung, and is the skin god Song Joong Ki?”.  The actor aroused many laughs by modestly retorting, “I can’t say that with my own mouth!

Song Joong Ki then gave his personal tips on how to gain clear skin. “There isn’t anything special, but moisturizing and cleansing your skin are really important. You also definitely shouldn’t face the warm air that comes out of your car heater“.

During the broadcast, Song Joong Ki introduced some of Japan’s most famous foods such as sushi and mochi, as well as the famous hardboiled eggs that have been boiled in a spring, called ‘Kuro-tamago’. He smiled brightly as he sat down in a hot tub and enjoyed a glass of sake, sighing as he felt the stress melt away.

The actor also revealed, “The happiest moment in my life was when I was 7 years old – my sister was born then.”

Be sure to check out the rest of his interview when the episode airs on the 11th!

source : allkpop.


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