Ko Hyun Jung kept Chun Jung Myung going in the army

After much speculation among fans and the media, Chun Jung Myung finally revealed something about his relationship with Go Hyun Jung.

Chun Jung Myung was a guest on a recent SBS TV Entertainment episode where he revealed,

“When I was in the army, Go Hyun Jung became the biggest source of energy for me. Nuna always picked up my calls, for which the receiving party had to pay instead of the caller. But I realize that she also did the same for Jo In Sung.

So I told her many times that she should only take my calls and not Jo In Sung. But she would joke, ‘You and I get married then.’”

When asked further about whether he has any thoughts of marrying Go Hyun Jung, he replied intelligently,

“Have to ask my father first.”

Since acting together in What’s Up Fox in 2006, the couple have been surrounded by speculation about whether they were really dating off-screen. This also showed how realistic their acting were. Even after his release from the army, Chun Jung Myung has often mentioned Go Hyun Jung in public, leading many to wonder.

source : allkpop


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