Ko Hyun Jung publishes beauty book [2011]

Source : http://www.dramabeans.com/2011/05/go-hyun-jung-publishes-beauty-book/

Add actress Go Hyun-jung to the list of actors-turned-authors; the Daemul and Queen Seon-deok star has published a book of beauty secrets titled, appropriately enough, Go Hyun-jung’s Secrets.

The book covers Go Hyun-jung’s everyday life in “documentary format,” which, uh, okay. (I suppose we can deduce that it means there are photos and short descriptions/essays/ blurbs describing her life, but still. Oh well; this wouldn’t be the first time the word documentary was stretched to describe one of her projects.)

With its publication, Go joins other actors like Eugene and Song Joong-ki, who have both put out similar books within the past year or so. And I suppose if you’re going to peddle a beauty book, it helps to be known for beauty; Go was even a beauty pageant queen back in the day. Er, maybe princess is a better word; she was the Miss Korea runner-up back in 1989. (Trivia! A few other Miss Koreas in the biz include Secret Garden’s Kim Sa-rang, as well as Mrs. Kwon Sang-woo, Sohn Tae-young, who was a runner-up in the same year. And, of course, there’s also Honey Lee from 2007.)

The book was released on the 29th, and Go held a press conference where she unveiled the volume and answered questions from the media. Mostly about the kind of beauty regimen she follows, and what kind of tips are given in the book. Go said, “It may not be anything special, but I’d been thinking that I’d like to share about the kinds of things I’m doing. Then the publisher came to me with the proposal, and I thought that with a book, I’d be able to express myself honestly.”

Asked what kind of message she’d like to convey to readers, she said, “I want to tell them not to believe too much in the appearance of actresses on television. There are a lot of beautiful actresses who shine there, but people in this line of work receive help from numerous other staff members, and present themselves to you all only after endless picking and choosing. I saw a certain person somewhere, and thought she was beautiful. But I don’t think we ought to compare ourselves to them, thinking, ‘I wish I could be like that.’ Everyone is beautiful in and of themselves. I want to tell people not to compare themselves against someone else and rate ourselves lower.”

Lovely sentiment, although I’m sure it’s easier said than done. Particularly when you’re a top star who, at the age of 40, looks even better than she did twenty years ago. In fact, it’s enough to make you suspicious that she hasn’t, oh, sold her soul for that baby face. It’s too unfair to just chalk it up to winning the jackpot at life.


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  1. wała poniekąd powszedni idiotyczny
    ślad Polly pyska. Sir Roger klepnął w wełnisty zad.
    – Jak ekspresowa – obwieścił z ulżeniem. Nie była owo do kresu
    zgodność z rzeczywistością. Jednakże smok, spośród natury
    przewidujący nie będ.

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