Girls Generation (SNSD) The Best Songs

i like SNSD especially Kim Taeyeon and Tiffany Hwang.

they are talented and beautiful. there is no reason I didn’t like them. they good in singing and dancing also they have a good personalities.I will share songs that I think it’s good for me. if you have any recommended song just sharing in here. kamshanee 🙂

Hit Songs

Girls Generation

Into The New World

Baby Baby


Kissing You

Gee [Korean Version]

Gee [Japan Version]

Chocolate Love


Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)

Run Devil Run

Mr. Taxi

Bad Girl

The Boys [Korean Version]

The Boys [Eng Version]

OST Songs

Taeyeon – Can You Hear Me [Beethoven Virus OST]

Taeyeon – If /Manyage [Hong Gil Dong OST]

Taeyeon – I Love You [Athena OST]

Seo Hyun – It’s Okay Even It’s Hurt [Kim Soo Ro OST]

Tiffany – Ring [Haru OST]

Tiffany – By Myself [Ja Myung Go OST]

Songs by SNSD

Taeyeon & Joo – Because a Man

Taeyeon – Good bye days

and if u ask, what is my favorite song, the answer is … *confuse to choose one :p* at all, i love all of song in this list ^^. so which one is your favorite song? ^.-


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