SBS plans to launch new talk show with actress Go Hyun Jung

SBS is preparing to launch a talk show next year with actress Go Hyun Jung as the main MC.

On December 22nd, Go Hyun Jung’s agency spoke with Sports Korea on the phone, where they shared, “It’s true that we are in talks with SBS. We haven’t agreed to a formal contract as of yet, but we are reviewing the terms of the show positively.”

The producer of the show will be Seo Hye Jin, who has already started working on the project. Seo Hye Jin is famous for her work with ‘Star King‘ and ‘K-Pop Star‘, shows that are both hosted by SBS.

A representative of SBS revealed, “Producer Seo Hye Jin left the ‘K-Pop Star’ team about a month ago and is currently preparing Go Hyun Jung’s show.  Once we make a formal contract with Go Hyun Jung and get things organized, the show’s release is probable.”

If all goes according to plan, Go Hyun Jung will be the sole MC of the show. Representatives are anticipating a great program, since Go Hyun Jung is known for her honesty and her wide connections with celebrities.

source : allkpop

Wah wah gk sabar mau lihat talk shownya.. pasti bagus 🙂


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