Tiffany Hwang “Brighter Than Gems”


Basic Profile:

Stage Name: Tiffany (티파니)
Birth Name: Stephanie Hwang (스테파니 황)
Korean Name: Hwang Mi Young (황미영)
Group Position : Supporting Vocalist
Nicknames : Spongebob Hwang, Fany Fany Tiffany, Human Jukebox, Mushroom, Tiffiana, JumFany, AjumNy, Ddilfany, Bam Fany
Motto : Just work hard (Practice makes Perfect)
Languages : Korean , English (Fluent) , Chinese (Basic) , Japanese (Basic), Spanish (Basic)
DOB: August 1, 1989
Born at : San Fransisco
Height: 162.6cm
Weight: 50kg
Languages : English
Hobbies : Flute
School: Korea Kent Foreign School, Graduated, Middle School – South Pointe (US), High School – Diamond Bar (US)
Casted: 2004 SM Casting System; 2004 CJ/KMTV (USA-LA) Contest 1st Place
Fancafe: [Evergreen]
Siblings : Older Brother (Leo – 1 year difference) & Older Sister (Michelle – 8 years difference)
Duration of Training: 3 years and 7 months

Extra Information:

Favorite Number : 07
Ideal Man : Dennis Oh
Favorite Song from Girls’ Generation : Baby Baby
Hobbies : Flute
Favorite Color : Pink
Favorite Jewelry Brand : Tiffany & Co.
Blood Type : O
Favorite Smiling Eyes : Lee Hyori, Kim Tae Hee
Song Repertoire : Over 50 songs
Special Habits : Cutting her food before eating
Her Charm : Liveliness, but also this is her weakness
Closest to : Taeyeon
Roommate/s : Seo Hyun
Trainee Day Roommate/s : Taeyeon & Jang Ri In

Fact :

  • The American girl.
  • Tiffany was born in San Francisco, California and grew up in Diamond Bar, California. In 2004 shecame first place in the CJ/KMTV contest, and after singing in the SM Casting System, she was picked up by SM Entertainment. Three weeks later she moved to Korea without her family and started her training.
  • “It was really brave of her, really. I had my whole family supporting me. They’re here with me right now, but she still doesn’t have her family here and now she’s so big, she’s so huge, here in Korea. And, I think her family would really be happy.” – Jessica.
  • One of the most admirable things about Tiffany is how hard she works.
  • During the Variety show Champagne, SNSD’s manager picked Tiffany as the girl who would have succeeded academically because she puts the most effort in whatever she does.
  • Regardless of the task, she puts one hundred percent into everything.
  • “Tiffany cannot lead in dancing or anything but she knows her weakness well, and to improve…for example if we had to master some choreography in one hour, she would practice for another two more hours. So yeah, I was envious of her hard working spirit.” – Yuri.
  • “She really studies hard. She became the MC for a music show and she felt proud and studied even harder. Everyday she would study the script and write down things she didn’t know, and ask about words she doesn’t understand and would write down the definitions.” – Yoona on Strong heart talking about Tiffany’s improvement in Korean.
  • “Everything will be good as long as you do your best. Because if you do, there will be no regrets.” – Tiffany.

Her dedication.

  • After their Baeksang Arts Award performance, Tiffany fell down the stairs and injured her ankle as a result. Despite this, she still went up on stage to give Yoona her flowers after she had won an award.
  • When she couldn’t dance on stage along with her members, Tiffany stood at the side of the stage with her leg in a cast and performed on Music Bank with them.
  • In January 2009 a member of staff met both Tiffany and Hyoyeon in front of MBC’S Music Core waiting room and Tiffany told her,”Unnie, I’m always so excited to be on stage. I was hospitalized yesterday ( her fever passed 102°F), but I’m very, very happy now that I could be on stage again today.”

Her heart.

  • If you looked further than what the first page of google shows you after a name search, you’d see that she has a heart of gold.
  • “All of my unnies take care of me very well, but Tiffany takes care of me a lot.” – SeoHyun.
  • “Tiffany seems to look after the members the most.” – Maybee.
  • “It’s because we’re a family.” – Tiffany.
  • When Yoona guested on the show Manwon Happiness and couldn’t eat anything other than left over food, Tiffany deliberately left a whole bowl of rice from her meal for Yoona to eat. It was a simple gesture, but it really touched me to see her kindness.
  • During a volunteering activity with fans, Tiffany encouraged the group she was in to work hard and they ended up finishing first. Afterwards she suggested that they help the other group since they had done all of their work.
  • When I watched hello baby I was always touched by how Tiffany cared for Kyungsan. Despite not always being that hands on with him, she was always taking care of him in any way she could.
  • At the start of the series, whenever she tried to get close to the baby, he cried and Tiffany didn’t like that so she would stay away from him. Watch episode six and you will see how much she cared and worried throughout the episode.
  • She kept giving the girls and daily dad instructions, which were normally very useful, instead of carrying the actions out herself because she didn’t want to upset him again. You could see her frustrations.
  • “Tiffany is the one who thinks about the baby the most, even if it’s only on the inside.” – Sunny
  • “Tiffany knows what Kyungsan likes and what he doesn’t like. So she watches from afar, when he cries she really does hate it. And all of the mess you guys made earlier, she was the one to clean them up alone.” – HyoYeon.
  • “The ones working hard behind the scenes are the best moms. People who talk and do the work.” -Sooyoung.
  • “Correct. Tiffany you are my best mom!” – HyoYeon.
  • Later on in the series, Lee Hyeok-Jae, who is a parent himself, chose her as the best mom.
  • “Regardless of weather or not the camera was on them, this person took care of and watched out for the babies welfare, health and environment. Since it airs after the main broadcast, I watch hello baby often. I watch over SNSD’S upbringing of the baby as well as their interest and love for him, as a parent myself. I think this person is the most underrated parent. In her heart she has a lot of love, but she doesn’t know how to express it. I think after they begin to share each other’s feelings, She’ll be the one that will have the hardest time parting with the baby. I like her for not only taking care of Kyungsan but my daughter Kyuyeon as well. Tiffany I love you.”
  • Tiffany participated in the abandoned dog photo shoot and cried after seeing Sergeant, a dog named by Tiffany herself. Sergeant is an abandoned dog that cannot walk because its front right leg was injured in a hit-and-run car accident.
  • After the photo-shoot she cried again because she wanted to take the dog home and take care of it, but her manager didn’t allow it.
  • In June of 2010, Tiffany along with HyoYeon and SooYoung volunteered at a soup kitchen.
  • When SNSD were in Japan for a photo-shoot Tiffany found out that one of the workers there didn’t have anything to eat for breakfast, so she gave him her lunch and bought him snacks to eat.
  • Sulli from f(x) said in an interview that Tiffany told her if she ever wanted to buy things she could use her credit card instead of using her own money.
  • Once a fan took snacks and a letter to the airport for Tiffany, but missed her by fifteen minutes. The fan gave the stuff to a member of staff, and once Tiffany heard about it she sent the fan an autograph.
  • During her performance with a disabled children’s choir on Star King, Tiffany moved from her spot in the center of the stage to the side of the stage so that the whole of the choir could be seen on camera instead of herself.
  • Tiffany once asked fans to donate money to charity instead of buying her expensive gifts. Tiffany herself has donated to different charities.
  • “God is not helping me just so that I can live well alone. I also want to be a good example to younger fans.” – Tiffany.

Staffs impressions on her

  • “When I had an eye contact with her randomly, she shows that sweet eye smile. Every time I see that smile, I feel happier. It makes me to smile along side her so hard that my cheekbone starts to hurt” -Inkigayo scriptwriter.
  • “Aegyoful cute Tiffany. She gave me chocolate, and after the shooting, She sat right next to me on the floor. Not sure why but she looked and smiled happily at my startled expression. So we took this picture, and took another one using my cell phone. She’s really cheerful and kind. Probably that was a part her training…but it’s hard to find someone kind and good mannered like her these days. I just want to say I was honored that we shared a lengthy conversation.” – Arena staff member.
  • “The door opened and Tiffany first came inside the studio. Slim legs and bright smile. She already became a lady from a girl. But the ground shaking sound of “Hello!”, her unique greeting is still the same. Without a doubt, Tiffany has the sincerest greeting manner among idol singers I have seen. Not only that she really actively participates in the interviews. Well, half of things she talks about is on herself, but for another half, she talks about how good other members are before anyone.” – Interviewer from 10 Asia.
  • “SNSD members are all nice. Especially Tiffany and Sunny are examples of really nice young adults, which is kind of hard to find these days. They are like angels. I should have known it from the last photo-shoot I had with them. Those two greeted 45 staff members individually. Truthfully, this never happens and I would almost say that it’s weird to see such a situation.
  • Tiffany was also very unique. All throughout shooting, she kept advertising for us. I guess she had a phone call during the 1 hour break for lunch. She kept repeating on the phone that everyone here is really nice and fun to work with. That made me feel so thankful, but in addition, she would make and bring coffee for staff members. Usually it would be the staffs who would bring coffee for the idols, so how nice must that have been… Photographer Kim Dongchul was eating a sandwich and she went over there to thank him and give him a little massage. After shooting, Kim Dongchul said, “They are really nice people. I wish I can marry off my son to one of them,” and was full of other good compliments.
  • Tiffany brought a chair for the editor who stood up to organize the charts, and Sunny, who did not have any breakfast herself, handed out sandwiches to all staff members before sitting down to eat herself.
  • I really want to thank the two of them and say that they grew up really well. I remember being really surprised a few weeks ago, on Kim Jungeun’s Chocolate, Tiffany said that her mother… was not with her anymore. I thought that Tiffany was raised so well inspite of that and would like to see my daughters grow up to be like Tiffany in the future.” – Ceci Fashion Editor.
  • “Tiffany was the best, she and Yuri really cheered us up. I was holding the reflector for her and was just three feet away from her and I was so tired I murmured ‘oh darn… so tiring…’ then Tiffany looked at me and said ‘It is tiring yes? Hwaiting!! Cheer up!!!’ so I told her she was my favorite and she laughed out loud.” – LG Chocolate Assistant.

Others on Tiffany

  • “The way Tiffany unnie thinks… She is very mature. Her sense of responsibility is strong as well. There are many things to learn from her.” – SeoHyun.
  • “I’d like to have Fany’s bright and positive personality. I really like to learn her toughness and positive mind that allow her to persistently overcome any fears.” – Sunny.
  • “When Tiffany laughs, she laughs so innocently and like a child. But she’s really mature and adult-like. She’s really thoughtful and I think there are lots of things we can learn from her.” – Sooyoung.
  • “She can shed tears because she went through a lot of pain that people don’t know about.” – Kang Ho Dong during strong heart talking about Tiffany’s pre-debut years.
  • “Because of my introverted personality, it was really difficult at first but Fany supported me well. She’s younger than me but I learned a lot from her. She’s really hardworking, and it feels comfortable around her.” – Kim Hyesung
  • “Tiffany has an ability to capture people’s heart.” – Sung ShiKyung
  • “Tiff is a fighter and that’s what I love most about her, she’s very optimistic too so she’s pretty much the lil’ sis I never had” – Ida ‘DJ Isak’ Simmons.
  • “The one who gives me faith’. When I’m tired I talk to Tiffany unnie, she listens to me and gives me advice and prays for me. When I listen to those words from unnie I start feeling lot better and happier.” – Sulli.
  • “She is seriously one of the most self-less and truly loving friends I’ve ever known or met. She cares so much about every one of you, and she really does pray for all her fans, I think sometimes more than herself. She is a walking angel.” – Jaeson Ma.
  • “She’s a charming girl.” – Kara’s Gyuri.

In her own words.

  • “I definitely think that it’s not a far away dream as long as it has that much passion and the passion gives you responsibility.”
  • “We weren’t afraid like, oh what if we lose to someone, it was we didn’t want to lose to ourselves.”
  • “There were many things that happened for us to get here, but we were able to finally get here with trust and love for each other.”
  • “While practicing, we absorb each other’s pros and cons. When we finally go up on the stage, it feels like we became one.”
  • “In a family, we encounter happiness but also sadness, or good things but also bad things. However, let’s be together forever until the end.”
  • “Mom, you left this world before I have, but you gave me 8 sisters. I want to thank my mom and God.”
  • “I want to continue singing. As I get older, I want to be a singer that has an endless passion for music and stage performances.”
  • When it comes to describing Tiffany, TaeYeon said it best.

Other fact about Fany

01. Fany’s birth name is Stephanie Hwang, while her Korean name is Hwang Mi Young
02. Fany has the most capacity in drinking
03. Fany is known best for her eye smile
04. Fany was known for making the most mistakes in Live Performances, though actually she’s not the one who made the most mistakes..
05. Fany hates bugs so much
06. When Fany is shock, she always claps her hands
07. Most of the time, Fany is the victim
08. Once SNSD once left home without Tiffany by accident, and Tiffany actually came running after them in tears
09. When Tiffany first started Yoga, she was very enthusiastic about it and begged her instructor to teach her well. Then she quit after 3 days
10. The one who usually picks out Hyoyeon’s mistakes in dancing is ironically Tiffany (ironic because she is thought by some to be the least skilled dancer; I believe she admitted to this herself once)
11. Tiffany, Sunny, and Go Ara (an actress with SM) once went over to Karaoke after dinner initially just to kill time to digest the food… in the end it took them 4 hours to come out!
12. When Into The New World video clip was filmed in 2007; it was Tiffany’s first time being outside of Seoul. she was also the first member to get filmed ^^
13. Fany used to cry a lot when studying Korean. she also writes down words/vocab from the script she doesn’t understand and goes to ask the members what they mean
14. Tiffany, Sunny, Jessica and HyoYeon once snuck out to the amusement park before Gee promotion started
15. Fany has a nickname “CenterFany” because she’s always seen standing behind the host on a music show
16. Fany once helped a singer Kim Sung Min to pronounce “Shark’s Fin” in a game
17. Jessica chose Tiffany as the person to go on a trip with, saying that “Tiffany is good with money”
18. Fany made French-toasts for the Family Outing members during breakfast
19. Fany has a wrestling match with Jessica which was a draw ^^
20. Fany sang “Don’t tease me because I’m old” to two random guys when they guessed that her age was 26
21. During a ballet lesson; Fany could do 8 consecutive spins
22. Fany won a chicken fight against Park Kyunglim
23. Fany is the one has a single room in their dorm
24. Fany and Tim sang a song at Baek Dobin and Jung Si-a’s Wedding
25. The recent KEJ’s Chocolate episode where SNSD performed Wanna Be etc. was Fany’s idea
26. Fany acted as Hero Jaejoong when the girls were lip-syncing to “Hug” by DBSK
27. Fany and SeoHyun shared Patbingsoo while the other members got one each XD
28. Fany said that SeoHyun is the only person she can trust when it comes to Korean language (since the other members always fool her ^^)
29. Fany was mad at Sunny for calling SeoHyun “Baby” when Sunny told her that she’d call Fany “Baby” only XD
30. SooYoung said that Fany’s fans once gathered and wanted to name the 9th station of the National Assembly Station to “Tiffany station”
31. Fany won a 100m dash against Sunny, clocking 17.61 seconds but lost to HyoYeon in the next round
32. Fany did 26 sit-ups in 1 minute
33. Fany’s vaulting record is 1.4m
34. Fany was compared to Onew in SHINee’s Hello Baby because of their awkwardness towards the baby
35. Fany sat next to SooYoung when they were on their way to New York
36. Fany shared a big room with Jessica while they were in New York
37. Fany said that her voice becomes high-pitched whenever she gets excited causing Jessica to think Fany was the female version of Noh HongChul
38. Taengoo said that Fany “really likes people and is very cheerful and lively”
39. Fany slept in the middle between LeeHyori and KARA’s Nicole in FO
40. According to the girls’ height; Fany is the one in the middle
41. Fany was the one who reminded SooYoung to say Happy Birthday to Suju’s KyuHyun during 19th Seoul Music Awards
42. Fany said she makes the best tuna sandwiches
43. Fany once promised the fans she’d come back and sign autographs for them at Wilshire Hotel which she kept her promise ^^
44. The members picked Tiffany & Hyoyeon as the person who would fight the most with their future husband. For this Tiffany even picked herself, saying that she fought on the phone alot (especially with her older brother)
45. Fany hates to lose
46. Maknae said that Fany’s voice is very loud, that if she were to get into fight on the 1st floor, the 6th floor could probably hear
47. Sooyoung mention that, one time Fany fought really hard with someone on the phone and it turns out to be her dad. She was fighting in English.
48. Taeyeon even said that, Fany’s voice is usually loud.Even when she doesn’t fight
49. Taeyeon’s family is very close with Fany compare to other members, and everytime they went to visit Taeyeon, Fany would greet them even brighter than their own daughter
50. Fany had a love-hate relationship with daesung in FO. She finds the love-hate relationship was similar to Hyori & Jong Kook’s love-hate relationship
51. Fany is quite strong. In FO, she broke the ice of a frozen river (with ease) that Daesung couldnt break
52. Fany’s mom wanted to name her Tiffany when she was born but her dad insisted on Stephanie. In loving memory of her mom, she decided to use Tiffany as her stage name
53. Fany is called as ‘MiYoung’ when she doesn’t have any makeup done but when she’s on stage,with makeup done she’s called as ‘Tiffany’. Also, she’s called as ‘Stephanie’ once she shows her forehead cause she looks a lot like when she debuted.
54. Fany is called as ‘Yeppeuni’ means ‘pretty’ by Tangoo.
55. Fany is really close to DJ Isak. She called Fany ‘baby Steph’.
56. Jang Geun Suk called Fany ‘MiYoung’ when he made a phone call to her in the making of ‘Bleautiful Life’ drama.
57. Fany is close to DBSK’s Yunho, SJ’s SiWon, 2PM’s Junsu, 2PM’s TaecYeon, K Will, ex-Fin KL’s Song Yu Ri, Kara’s Nicole, WG’s Sunye, f(x)’s Sulli, After School’s Bekah.
58. Fany is a friend of Jaeson Ma which is also a friend of SiWon.
59. Fany went to the same church with WG’s Sunye.
60. Fany’s personality : “Well, she’s really, really bubbly and bright in person. Very candid and clearly just says whatever is on her mind. A huge ball of energy and cheerfulness and not in that fake, overly cutesy way that a long of Korean females use. Meeting her was great.”
61. Fany is voted first as the girl group’s member that has the best honey thigh.
62. Fany is the fashionista in SNSD along with Sooyoung, Hyoyeon and recently, Yuri.
63. Fany is one of The ‘Nut Meetup’ Members together with 2PM’s Ok Taecyeon, 2AM’s Im Seulong, Yoona, and Sunny. She’s the ‘Almond’ of the Nut Family.
64. High heel is Fany’s pride.
65. Fany always picks the members’ birthdays when she’s on 1000 Songs Challenge show and recently, she picked Sica’s birthday which is 4.18 (April 18th).
66. “Usually, Tiffany is the funniest member. If Tiffany can do it the way she would with us, then her sense of humor would be funny on TV, but that’s not the case”. (Sooyoung)
67. “Sooyoung and Tiffany are praying hard for their future spouse. Both of their dream is to be a good wife and wise mother. For Tiffany, she is good at taking care of herself”. (Taeyeon)
68. Fany’s ideal man is a bad boy type but responsible, shows his aegyo(cuteness) ONLY to her, manly, Christian and has pretty hands.
69. Tiffany’s fangirling over ‘New Moon’… “haha but we were with ida (isak) the other day and she told us about lol how they went to see new moon with tiffany and like the opening of the movie has like you know the moon coming out and apparently during that part Tiffany was spazzing like crazy haha and everyone was like “uh that’s just a moon”
70. Tiffany used to speak Korean in American accent.
71. Tiffany can play flute and apparently, piano (?)
72. When Tiffany gets excited, her pitch becomes high like an ambulance siren.
73. In ChinChin radio, Taeyeon mentioned that Tiffany cooked a turkey for last week’s Thanksgiving. Maybe Fany’s cooking is improved now.
74. Fany loves to wear shorts.
75. Fany has really good memory of her fans and she treasures her fans a lot that she remembers them all.
76. Fany wanted 01 as her favorite number during OH! promotion days but then she got 0. The codi mistook it and that’s why her shirt number is 0.
77. SeoHyun said that: “The way Tiffany unnie thinks… She is very mature. Her sense of responsibility is strong as well. There are many things to learn from her.”
78. Fany likes to jack up the volume when she listens to music while she’s on the move from one location to another because she couldn’t get into her own world if she can still hear other noises from her surroundings!
79. Fany would say this most of the time during introduction (in English), e.g. “Hello everyone, I’m Fany Fany Tiffany”
80. Fany has a very small, cute, and white puppy. Its name is “Jackson Hwang”
81. Fany’s sister, Michelle Hwang is currently studying in the University of California, Berkeley.
82. Fany is a fan of the Twilight saga and she has a crush on Edward Cullen/ Robert Pattinson.
83. Fany looks the most different without makeup. All the other members and she herself admitted.
84. Fany was a cheerleader back in the USA.
85. Fany is a fan of Mariah Carey.
86. Chace Crawford is her ideal husband. And she loves to watch Gossip Girl.
87. Fany likes listening to British pop songs.
88. Fany thinks that Hyoyeon is her “enemy” because Hyoyeon is very interesting in variety shows, so she is “observing” her and try to learn to be funny like Hyoyeon.
89. Fany is more of a leader than Taeyeon, the other members said.
90. Fany gave Seohyun a bag as her graduation present.

credits : soshified,


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