just want do better

lately i feel so gloomy, i really have many problems. many question wondering in my head. “what should i do? can i do that? what i will become? how to start that, start this? what the result will be?”

it’s really tiring, i really want do something good. not because of anything just because i want do that. i want proof to myself. but… i’ve failed to proof that i’m good.

than, i don’t like some people in around. “why he like that? what he can be? i hate that so much! what great about that?” pff… what’s wrong with that? nothing wrong.. just .. just me who can’t do better.

pathetic me right? i just want do better…


2 pemikiran pada “just want do better

  1. hi my dear
    what u feel, i have felt…just do it what can you do…don’t ask what the result…don’t look around you…you are the special, i am sure you can be the better than the other…keep on focus and spirit…

    i am proud of you

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