Words of Encouragement

In this lately months my pulse of life really extremely up and down almost everyday.. This is hard for me, bcs many important thing are running now but in the same time, a lot of problem popping up everywhere… i know the problems arise from things that we think are important, so we want fight and struggle for it to get the best ending… sometimes the problems making my mind chaotic, that is very annoying. i can’t focus for doing my work. I must fix it so the chaotic thing is can be disappear.. One way for solving that is i read some encouragement words, usually i got it from twitter or just googling it.. That was a little bit helpful for me. at least i can encouraging my self alone and thinking everything gonna be okay.. although sometimes just hang in short time.. hehe. but its okay. So this is example of my pain killer i read  #LOL *i got it from googling or read it from someones twitter timeline*.


“My life. My choices. My mistakes. My lessons. Not your business.” @autocorrects

“Engkau tidak mungkin memperbaiki yang kau lakukan, tanpa memperbarui sikapmu. ~ Mario Teguh”  @NasehatSuper

“Rasa cemburu itu wajar, karena engkau menuntut untuk menjadi yang pertama dalam semua daftar kepentingan dalam hidup kekasihmu.” @NasehatSuper

“Ini hari yang indah! Lupakan kepedihan Anda, syukurilah pelajaran darinya. Marilah kita tersenyum dan hidup dengan bahagia!”  @NasehatSuper

“Engkau tidak mungkin memperbaiki yang kau lakukan, tanpa memperbarui sikapmu. ~ Mario Teguh”  @NasehatSuper

“God puts people in your life for a reason and removes them for a better reason.” @McHypeMedia

“Whatever makes you mad, leave it. Whatever makes you smile, keep it.”  @McHypeMedia

And many more good words, if u want get more just googling it or following the twitter accounts hahaha.. wish u have a nice day always friend ^_^

P.S : sorry for my poor english. 😀


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